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2014 and Beyond

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What they say:

"I thought it (SBA Team Camp) was the best camp we have ever been too. I love the fundamental part the most. I think it showed them some different ways of doing drills then they get at other camps. It also gave me lots of new ideas to use in practice as well. It was also nice to get some playing time as a team as well. It was a great camp and will be coming back again next summer."

Jana Rogers, Cordell HS Basketball Coach

For Players
You want to score more points? Break down defenders with great offensive moves from both sides of the ball? Shoot with sharpshooter accuracy? Rack up assists to help your team win? You want to make your school or club team? Or even make the starting line-up?

For Parents
Congratulations. You’ve found the right place if you are truly serious about your child becoming the best basketball player s/he can be. Our “Total Player” program will teach them all the skills they need to take their game to the next level — whatever their current age or skill level may be.

For Coaches
The Shock Basketball Academy and F5 Speed are your premium sources for teaching and training your players hardcore fundamental basketball skills, speed and agility. Let us be your “secret weapon” for winning the battle against having too little time to both teach and sharpen the raw skills your players need.

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